Web Development for Beginners: Best Tutorials to Follow

Web Development for Beginners: Best Tutorials to Follow

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In case you are interested in learning how to code in order to build your own website, or you plan on making this your future career, you definitely would need some guidance for the beginning. The following are some helpful resources for you to learn from.

PHP 101 for the Absolute Beginner is a great place where you can find free tutorials on PHP language – the one used for Flash and all the exciting things on the internet. It is now used for most websites server-side programming, and with simple tutorials you can learn it in no time.

Codecademy will feel like a university course except the fact you can choose the time classes will take place. These lessons will guide you through the beginning of web development, and that is – learning about HTML and CSS. You will as well get the practical tasks to train your skills.

Ruby on Rails Tutorial deals with one of the popular frameworks they use for developing websites. This book will not only teach you about the Rails, but also introduce the general notions and tool you can use for web development no matter what platform you will use in your work.

30 Days to Learn jQuery will help you making friends with jQuery. Being a convenient JavaScript library, it is designed to make client-side scripting easier. So, these short lessons will make you a pro in jQuery in a month.

Coding Pitfalls for Beginners is not really a tutorial, and you better read this one after you spend some time learning the basic notions and rules of your web development languages and frameworks. Written by the Tuts+, this article will teach you about some of the most common mistakes young web developers may make in their work. The article mainly focuses on JavaScript and Ruby, but it as well mentions some general issues, so can be applied to anyone.