Underestimated Android Features that Worth Your Attention

Underestimated Android Features that Worth Your Attention


AndroidOSAndroid OS is rightfully considered to be the most popular OS for handheld devices as it is packed with useful tools and features. However, some features are hidden in huge amount of submenus that if you are not going to search them on purpose, you will never find them.

Here we have gathered helpful but hidden features that can boost the user experience and streamline usage of the device.

Android Device Manager can act like anti-theft tool

As many people know, the combination of the Google Play Service and Android Device Manager can help to find lost device or the device with silent mode on. Though this service has more enhanced features – select Security options and find there Device Administrators option. After giving Device Manager admin privileges you will be able to lock, track and wipe the data from the device.

Screen Recording

All devices that are run by Android 5.0 Lollipop support screen recording, so there is no need to make screenshots. All you have to do is to use simple app (there are many apps with this feature in the Google Play Store. Usually to start capturing you have to accept the request and after the capturing is finished, put the device to sleep.

Speed up system animations

You can speed up performance of the phone with help of hidden developer menu. To open it, you have to follow About > Software Information > More > Build number then tap several times on the line Build Number, usually it takes 7 taps. You still won’t be able to modify system, though it will give you access to useful features. For example, you will be able to speed up navigation with help of Window animation scale.

Use Smart Lock

There is no need to provide strong lock options if you are the only owner of the phone and no one else can use it. Smart Lock proposes easy swipe lock screen with help of Trusted Devices and Trusted location features.

Get notification when you reach the data limit

Data Usage menu of the phone will help you to set the boundaries of data usage according to the limits of your data plan. As a result, you will know when your traffic will be around the critical line so you will be able to stop before spending excessive data.