Reputation Management: 20 Must-Read Blogs

Reputation Management

Reputation Management: 20 Must-Read Blogs


PblogWith the impact the Internet has on modern life these days, conditions of the business have changed. Have you ever tried to search for the information about your company or yourself in the global network? If no, you should. It’s needful to monitor your reputation nowadays when a single adverse comment in the social network can literally ruin your yearly work. Here are 20 main Reputation Management Blogs that will be a good helping hand to every business person.

  1. Google Me is a convenient way to see what is written about you. It also gives advice how to get rid of the unwanted content.
  2. UberVU monitors social media. The system is a bit more sophisticated, but it shows the real picture of how the full reputation management is done.
  3. Dorien Morin-van Dam More in Media is an essential thing to read if you are a small business holder. This blog gives a practical consultation because Dorien knows the whole system inside and out. The recommendations will be interesting and helpful.
  4. ReputationHawk is not actually a blog. It’s rather a very informative analytical resource made by Chris Martin, who started to explore a question of the negative influence of online media in 2007. It is an excellent set of articles that are worth reading.
  5. Jeff Bullas is a blog by Jeff Bullas that can help you to deal with the impact of social media. The author can give some valuable tips on how to improve your brand value in the social sphere.
  6. Main Street Hub is a service that provides an online monitoring and gives the opportunity to get answers to the customers’ questions. It will help you to be closer to the clients.
  7. Andy Beal is a blog of the world-known reputation management leader. He gathered the whole collection of materials that will be helpful to you, and you won’t spend your time for searching the required information.
  8. Trackur is primary software for social media monitoring that was developed by Andy Beal. With all its functions, it can quickly improve your reputation thanks to the convenient interface and numerous tips.
  9. BrandWatch helps you to improve your customers’ service. It is a social media monitoring tool that is far more than the usual set of techniques to observe the public activity; it gives a precise advice to improve your reputation on the social media.
  10. Reputation Management Guys is not a blog; it’s a reputation management service that will help you every time somebody denigrates your name.
  11. Don Sorensen is a frontrunner of the reputation technologies. Due to the SEO strategy, it pushes positive news about your company in the first place, making you a brilliant status.
  12. Customer Lobby serves for publishing positive customers’ reviews. It is a sufficient helper for the small business and for companies, which aim to enlarge their presence on the Internet.
  13. Bryan Bruce Your Brand Voice is a prominent personal blog of YourBrandVoice founder – Brayan Bruce. His advice will suit every company. It’ll be a useful assistant in the reputation management industry.
  14. Social Mention is a social media monitoring application that has over 100 social media assets. It will be virtuous for those who want a high quality, smooth implementation and time-saving.
  15. Philip Sheldrake exists as a personal blog of the champion of the social media communication – Philip Sheldrake.
  16. OutSpoken Media is a multifaceted helper. It’s a place where your problem is identified and analyzed; after that, an exclusive way of its solution is invented and given to you.
  17. LocalVox can be a great tool for improving your social prestige by the multichannel marketing.
  18. Imforza is a dazzling service with the adequate tips for online reputation management.
  19. Profile Defenders will replace the negative reviews with the positive ones. It uses exclusive software and will be a fantastic aid for businesses and individuals.
  20. is not always in the personal access, but it is still a good source to monitor the social activity. Everyone can find lots of useful information there.

As you can see, your reputation is in your hands. Just start controlling and managing it now to have a successful development of your business.