Managing Project and Programs: Tips on Working with People

Managing Project and Programs: Tips on Working with People


Working with people in a team that is bigger than two professionals can be quite a tricky thing, especially when there are multiple tasks that should be accomplished. Here are some strategies and tips that worked for most people who had to manage people – hopefully, they will work for you as well.

  1. Make sure everyone knows where they are going

This means each and every person that works on the project should be aware of their role and the goal they are working for. Moreover, the whole team should be synchronized on all the timelines and vision on the project. Studies shows that teammates who are not feeling involved are less productive. So, try outline the frames and people will love to stay within them.

  1. Let your team member grow taller than you are

Keep in mind that you don’t have to be a big boss that owns everything – embrace the talents in your team and let them achieve success and you will succeed with them. Don’t control everyone and give them some autonomy together with promise of a leadership.

  1. Keep the morale high and react to threats

Whenever someone is negative or productive about the team and the project you are working on, react immediately – make changes and reassure team members of the goals and tasks remaining the same. It should be having good time together and growing professionally.

  1. Manage by results

You have all adults working in your team, so it is better to stop counting the time they spend drinking coffee talking on the phone. Manage and judge by results – if something is done way after the deadline review the reasons for failure and correct everything together. As mentioned, you are a team, so work as one.

  1. Be a leader

There was once a picture of how boss and leader are different. Look at the stem of the ‘leader’ and you will know what to do – get your hands dirty and lead your team to results.