PHP and Java Compared Side by Side

PHP&JavaThe combination of PHP and Java scripts creates dynamic web pages, and many users do not see crucial differences between them. However, it is simple as it is: script written in Java is used on the users’ computers, and PHP script is used on servers. The appearance of Node.js in 2009 has changes a situation as it allowed Java to be used on a server-side, so from that moment on developers got an opportunity to select one of two languages. So what are the specifics of these languages?

PHP Peculiarities

The story of Hypertext Preprocessor started in 1995, and from that moment on it became a number one choice for developers as it serves for many purposes. Nowadays many content management systems (CMS) like WordPress or Joomla that are hugely popular among web developers use PHP so, for the most part, all sites you see on the Internet run on PHP. The reason is simple: CMS provides the easiest and the most convenient and efficient way to create a website with all major features, be it an online catalog, a blog or e-commerce website.

Java Peculiarities

JavaScript, HTML, and CSS are three fundamental tenets of the Internet and are used in almost all websites. Developers utilize JavaScript language to make web pages dynamic. Due to the development of technologies and implementation of Node.js, JavaScript is used as a server-side language.

Common features of PHP and JavaScript

Taking into consideration possibilities provided by Node.js, there are many similar features of PHP and JavaScript. Here are the most obvious ones:

  • Both languages are scripts that work in certain environments (browser and server consequently). Both are easier to use compared to other programming languages, and both are appropriate for beginners and professionals.
  • Utility type. PHP and JavaScript make up a well-known combination that is used in almost all sites: JavaScript on the browser and PHP on the server. So it’s hardly surprising that there is a vast majority of solutions, libraries, and frameworks that use both languages together.

What are the differences between these two languages?

There is an apparent response for many experts in this field: for many years JavaScript was the main script for front-end development and PHP – the most popular server-side script. However, Node.js has changed the situation completely.

  1. Different environments. Both scripts require an interpreter in the environment to fulfill their tasks. JavaScript’s interpreter is integrated into a web browser as it is impossible to imagine a browser without Java. PHP deals with this issue in such a way: developers install necessary interpreters into servers.
  2. The level of simplicity. PHP is considered to be easier than Node.js. The main difference here is a number of code lines necessary to make a server work. Both of them require a few lines of code; still, PHP requires less, and it is more understandable, it doesn’t require in-depth knowledge of closures and callback functioning.
  3. PHP enables parallel multitasking by using a block of input/output. JavaScript, on the contrary, doesn’t block input/output execution model using a single main thread of execution. However, PHP is searches and finds new ways to manage asynchronous processing.
  4. Usage of JSON (JavaScript Object Notation). Both scripts can work with JSON. However, JavaScript is more efficient with this lightweight data format.

Where are PHP and JavaScript most efficient?

Although Node.js has opened a way to a server-side for JavaScript, it is still considered to be mostly client-side script. So it is the best option for:

  • Single page apps;
  • Front-end technologies like Sybase or Backbone.js;
  • Server-side technologies like Node.js;
  • Solutions like Express.js.

PHP is best suited for:

  • CMS’s like WordPress;
  • Servers;
  • Solutions for Linux, Apache, MySQL,

Reputation Management

Reputation Management: 20 Must-Read Blogs

PblogWith the impact the Internet has on modern life these days, conditions of the business have changed. Have you ever tried to search for the information about your company or yourself in the global network? If no, you should. It’s needful to monitor your reputation nowadays when a single adverse comment in the social network can literally ruin your yearly work. Here are 20 main Reputation Management Blogs that will be a good helping hand to every business person.

  1. Google Me is a convenient way to see what is written about you. It also gives advice how to get rid of the unwanted content.
  2. UberVU monitors social media. The system is a bit more sophisticated, but it shows the real picture of how the full reputation management is done.
  3. Dorien Morin-van Dam More in Media is an essential thing to read if you are a small business holder. This blog gives a practical consultation because Dorien knows the whole system inside and out. The recommendations will be interesting and helpful.
  4. ReputationHawk is not actually a blog. It’s rather a very informative analytical resource made by Chris Martin, who started to explore a question of the negative influence of online media in 2007. It is an excellent set of articles that are worth reading.
  5. Jeff Bullas is a blog by Jeff Bullas that can help you to deal with the impact of social media. The author can give some valuable tips on how to improve your brand value in the social sphere.
  6. Main Street Hub is a service that provides an online monitoring and gives the opportunity to get answers to the customers’ questions. It will help you to be closer to the clients.
  7. Andy Beal is a blog of the world-known reputation management leader. He gathered the whole collection of materials that will be helpful to you, and you won’t spend your time for searching the required information.
  8. Trackur is primary software for social media monitoring that was developed by Andy Beal. With all its functions, it can quickly improve your reputation thanks to the convenient interface and numerous tips.
  9. BrandWatch helps you to improve your customers’ service. It is a social media monitoring tool that is far more than the usual set of techniques to observe the public activity; it gives a precise advice to improve your reputation on the social media.
  10. Reputation Management Guys is not a blog; it’s a reputation management service that will help you every time somebody denigrates your name.
  11. Don Sorensen is a frontrunner of the reputation technologies. Due to the SEO strategy, it pushes positive news about your company in the first place, making you a brilliant status.
  12. Customer Lobby serves for publishing positive customers’ reviews. It is a sufficient helper for the small business and for companies, which aim to enlarge their presence on the Internet.
  13. Bryan Bruce Your Brand Voice is a prominent personal blog of YourBrandVoice founder – Brayan Bruce. His advice will suit every company. It’ll be a useful assistant in the reputation management industry.
  14. Social Mention is a social media monitoring application that has over 100 social media assets. It will be virtuous for those who want a high quality, smooth implementation and time-saving.
  15. Philip Sheldrake exists as a personal blog of the champion of the social media communication – Philip Sheldrake.
  16. OutSpoken Media is a multifaceted helper. It’s a place where your problem is identified and analyzed; after that, an exclusive way of its solution is invented and given to you.
  17. LocalVox can be a great tool for improving your social prestige by the multichannel marketing.
  18. Imforza is a dazzling service with the adequate tips for online reputation management.
  19. Profile Defenders will replace the negative reviews with the positive ones. It uses exclusive software and will be a fantastic aid for businesses and individuals.
  20. is not always in the personal access, but it is still a good source to monitor the social activity. Everyone can find lots of useful information there.

As you can see, your reputation is in your hands. Just start controlling and managing it now to have a successful development of your business.

Underestimated Android Features that Worth Your Attention


AndroidOSAndroid OS is rightfully considered to be the most popular OS for handheld devices as it is packed with useful tools and features. However, some features are hidden in huge amount of submenus that if you are not going to search them on purpose, you will never find them.

Tips for Ne Consultants: how to Start Successfully

Experts admit that great start and successful first project determines the task success for many a year ahead. That is why it is crucial to brainstorm your tactics and follow these tips:

Always use Google Alerts. Not just for you and your client, but for rivals also, that is a compulsory option. So check your keywords and keywords that competitors use. As a result, you will be able to keep track of trends in the industry and, as many consultants tend to neglect this option, your work will be more valued. Also take into consideration such tools as Yahoo! Finance to get acquainted with the keywords of your rivals.

Requirements of Small Business Consultant Profession

businessThe way of becoming successful small business consultant is long and challenging. In fact, consultant acts like a coach, teaching clients how to plan, solve problems and develop strategies. You will need both skills, consulting and coaching, if you want to succeed as a business consultant.

Start Your Own Consulting Business without Efforts

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Working with people in a team that is bigger than two professionals can be quite a tricky thing, especially when there are multiple tasks that should be accomplished. Here are some strategies and tips that worked for most people who had to manage people – hopefully, they will work for you as well.

Awesome Marketing Tips for Your Consulting Business

Here you will find useful information concerning sales and marketing aspects of consulting. The thing is, all successful consultants dedicate a lot of time to different marketing tactics, especially that concerns content marketing, inbound marketing, and social. Here are some workable tips how to upgrade your marketing and consulting skills:

How to Create Successful Consulting Business?

4-TipsSo now you have the contacts and profound knowledge and skills in the sphere. Consulting is never as easy as it seems, though it sounds like really easy stuff. So what should you do to get a great start? Here are some useful tips that may come in handy: