Awesome Marketing Tips for Your Consulting Business

Awesome Marketing Tips for Your Consulting Business


Here you will find useful information concerning sales and marketing aspects of consulting. The thing is, all successful consultants dedicate a lot of time to different marketing tactics, especially that concerns content marketing, inbound marketing, and social. Here are some workable tips how to upgrade your marketing and consulting skills:

  1. Pay attention to content marketing – create content. What you write is shared, shared info builds the brand and people find you. The greater your content, the higher your credibility will be. For example, look through these role models of content marketing:
  • Bridge Group Inc – here you will find a series of must-read reports on inside sales. They also have a great blog and perfect social presence – and anyone can learn from that.
  • Anthony Iannarino – one of the most known names in sales consulting. And his start was simple: he wrote to his blog every day.
  • Sales Benchmark Index – they write about free tools and templates and that lead to appearing of thousands of new leads.
  • Dave Brock’s Partners In Excellence Blog – look through the comment strings on his posts. That’s the one.
  1. Consider writing a book. Ardath Albee and Jill Konrath are perfect examples of what well-received book can do to the business.
  2. Put in the best licks to build your thought leadership profile. Think of the guest blogging – show your expertise to the new audience. Find your target audience and go.
  3. Collect email addresses – email still is the best channel to get your content into hands of people. Get emails and start facilitate people: look at the site of Neil Patel – he is a cordon bleu of SEO and his main strategy is to collect email sign-ups and then he delivers his content.
  4. Nurturing people will help you to be engaged with your customers and as a result, they will recall you when they will have problem they would like to fix.
  5. Try the Keys to Content Marketing Success virtual summit for more detailed info.

Typical features of consultants

Consultants come in a wide variety of flavor. In fact, there are perhaps too many different types of consultants to list. However, they all have a few things in common.

Consultants are individuals considered experts in their field who provide professional counseling to clients. Consultants therefore are knowledge-sharers, and they analyze the client’s situation and determine the best ways to move forward.

The most important part of a consultant’s work is to provide their clients with clearly visible added value.

The most important part of a consultant’s work is to provide their clients with clearly visible added value. The reason for hiring a consultant is usually that the client wouldn’t feasibly be able to find, hire and train in-house experts for a particular problem. Usually consultants work on short- to medium-term goals with the client.

Furthermore, as it is on a per-month or per-project basis, it is much more efficient. Consultants generally can analyze the individual’s or company’s needs, its resources, and help determine the best strategies.

Often, consultants are also brought in to provide training or to undertake special change-actions.